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Cowboy Oilfield Services Sandbuster Side View.jpg


Premium Cowboy Services

Cowboy Oilfield Services Sandbuster Sideview.jpg
Sandbuster Flowback Water Treatment

The Cowboy Sandbuster, holding 275 barrels, separates solids across four compartments. Equipped with a GN Solids Shaker moving 1500 GPM, it efficiently manages dry solids.


The Gas Buster, rated at 350 PSI, offers diverse flow options and monitors fluid for precise control and venting of up to 60 million MMCF of gas.

Cowboy OS Flare Package.png
Flare Package

Experience the Cowboy Flare Package—6-inch iron, a Gas Buster handling 60 million MMCF of gas at 350 PSI, and a self-igniting Flare rated for 50 million MMCF flow. Our efficient rig-up process ensures safety with containment measures and a fast, secure attachment system.


At Cowboy Oilfield Services, top-tier equipment guarantees a safe and productive environment for your operations.

Mixing Plant.png
Mixing Plant & Chemical Services

Cowboy Oilfield Services offers versatile chemical mixing plants and a comprehensive line of chemicals tailored for your operations, including coil tubing and production needs.


With top-notch equipment and 13BBL/minute capacity, our 60/40 split plants guarantee efficient filtration and precision for optimal results.

Other Specialty Services

Site Preparation and Maintenance Services

Within our array of site preparation and maintenance services, we excel in detailed Blade Pad Clean Up and specialized Skid Loader Work. Our expertise spans from meticulous debris clearing to precise ground leveling, ensuring tailored and top-tier site maintenance solutions for every project.


Trust us to deliver thorough and expertly crafted services to meet your specific needs and exceed expectations.

Safety-Focused Power Restraint Solutions

Restraints by Cowboy Oilfield Services, crafted by Kennedy Wire Rope and Sling Company, offer critical safety measures for temporary pipework in oil and gas locations. Our Power Restraints (PR) undergo rigorous digital pull tests, ensuring robustness to prevent costly failures. Supervisors, trained at Cowboy Oilfield Services, oversee thorough cleaning and inspection after each job, guaranteeing that every restraint maintains peak functionality. 

Versatile Site Services & Deep Cleaning Solutions

Roustabout/Labor Work at Cowboy Oilfield Services goes beyond boundaries—our skilled leads tackle welding, painting, trash pickup, fence building, and diverse facility tasks with precision.


For immaculate cleanliness, our Power Washing services offer advanced rigs with 100’ hoses, heavy-duty degreasers, and specialized wash units ready for casing thread, rig, coil tubing unit, wellhead, and cellar washing. 



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