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“The Cowboy Flare Package” consists of 6-inch iron equipped with 10- and 20-foot joints and plenty of nineties to accommodate your location. The 6-inch iron will tie into the Cowboy Gas Buster, capable of flowing 60 million MMCF of gas, and is rated 350 PSI. We use a steel wire mesh flare hose that attaches directly to our Flare, which makes a much faster and safer rig-up process.

We have a 1500 gal Knock Out rated for 350 PSI, with containment to help contain gas before flowing into the Flare. We have a flow meter to measure the gas at any given time. We have a crossover if needed to drive over the 6-inch iron. We use a 6-inch Flare to alleviate back pressure and flow volume. The Flare has a self-igniter with a pilot flame to ensure the gas will ignite and is also equipped with a Flare Wafer/Flare Arrester to prevent backdraft before the iron is attached. The Flare is rated to flow 50 million MMCF. Our rig-up process for our Iron Flare Package starts at the Gas Buster, where we add more iron joints to the Knockout to ensure the Flare is at least 150 feet away. Then, we attach the Knockout with our containment, placed beneath for spills. We secured the Flow Meter and thirty feet of 6-inch iron, followed by attaching the Flare Arrester/Wafer to the wire mesh flare hose, and lastly, the 6-inch 60-foot Flare.

Here at Cowboy Oilfield Services, we take pride in using the BEST equipment to maintain a safe and efficient environment.

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