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Most people know Adam as a former Professional Bullrider in the PRCA and PBR World Finals Qualifier. Adam was one of the Original PBR Founding Members and a RING OF HONOR Recipient. He retired from bull riding in 2006 but still participates in Team Roping, including the WORLD SERIES OF TEAM ROPING in Las Vegas every year.

Since retiring from bull riding, Adam has focused on his oilfield business. He started COWBOY OILFIELD SERVICES in 2012 and has built the business into what it is today. He has created a Unit Called the Cowboy SandBuster. After 9 years of blood, guts, sweat, and tears, Adam has partnered up with Fily Lozoya and his family to help grow Cowboy Oilfield Services to where the sky is NOT the limit. Adam could not have done it without his Wife, Heide, and 2 wonderful kids, Westley and Haden, alongside many family members and great friends along the way.


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