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Site Preparation and Maintenance Services

Skid Loader Work

We offer numerous types of services with our Skid Loader, such as:

Pad Clean Up

Thorough and efficient clearing of pads for a pristine work area.

Pad Maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance solutions for well-kept pads.

Berm Building

Expert construction of protective berms for enhanced site safety.

Anchor Installing and Pulling

Precise installation and removal of anchors for operational needs.

All Types of Mowing

Versatile mowing services to maintain site aesthetics.

All Types of Attachments

Versatility in handling various attachments for diverse operational requirements.

Environmental Cleanup

Specialized cleanup to ensure environmental compliance.

Explore our comprehensive Skid Loader Work services, meticulously tailored for the diverse needs of the oil and gas industry. Our skilled operators proficiently manage an array of tasks of oil and gas operations, including Pad Clean Up, Berm Building, Mowing, Environmental Cleanup, Anchor Installing and Pulling, and adept handling of various attachments. Their expertise spans across multiple facets of oil and gas operations, ensuring that each task is executed with precision and efficiency.


With a keen focus on maintaining site integrity and meeting specific operational requirements, our operators bring a wealth of experience to deliver superior Skid Loader services, upholding the highest industry standards every step of the way.

Blade Pad Clean Up

We understand that the pads can get dirty with oil stains or heavy ruts after a rig or frac moves out, so with Cowboy Oilfield Services, we can help by bringing in a motor grader for a whole pad cleanup. Keeping a pad clean is essential to maintain safety and efficiency.

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